1. Lobster Sports elite liberty Tennis Ball Machine[SEZCSP391]

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    Product Information: Pro Tips
    Designed to help athletes develop control of both ball speeds and ball spin, the Lobster Sports® elite liberty Ball Machine features corner-to-corner random oscillation to maximize your speed, agility and focus on the court.

    Advanced Training Machine to Enhance Your Game
    Full corner-to-corner random horizontal oscillation provides practice against different ball angles
    50° elevation setting allows overhead practice
    Speeds up to 80mph help enhance your speed and agility
    Elevation indicator provides a clear view of the shot height coming your way
    Heavy top and back spin adjustments offer a customizable challenges

    User Friendly Design
    35lb. ergonomic design built for maximum durability
    Oversized 8?? wheels and extended handle allow easy transport over any surface
    Removable handle and invertible hopper allow compact storage
    Basic charger included

    Machine Functionality
    Oscillation: Random Horizontal
    Spin: Top, Back
    Speed: 20-65 mph
    Feed rate: 2-10 seconds
    Manuel Elevation: 0°-50°
    Ball Capacity: 150
    Power: Battery (ad/dc optional)
    Battery Run: 2-4 hours

    Additional Details
    Dimensions: 21?? x 20?? x 14??
    Weight: 35lbs
    Manufacturer?s 2 Year Warranty

    Shipping: Free!

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